Our Newest Co-Workers – Our Children

Are you at home and trying to telework with your preschooler running about? Are you being interrupted every few minutes by a little one who’s tired of watching cartoons and wanting attention? Here are some easy ideas to keep them entertained without leaving the house.

Sorting is a fun and educational way for preschoolers to learn the concept of classifying. Gather random objects from around the house. Items like storage lids, post-its, bracelets etc. Tape shapes to the carpet or draw on paper and let your child sort the items by their shape. Do they have a bucket of dinosaurs, cars or Duplo’s? Have them sort by color or size. Fruit loops in the pantry? Print this downloadable sorting sheet. A sorting game and a snack all in one.

Song is a great way for children to learn through sound and music. Have your own dance party with children’s musician Jim Gill’s site and  follow along to his interactive songs that are sure to get everyone moving. Try on of his many counting songs. Hold your own dance party with streaming music through the MCPL’s website. Today my six-year-old was be-bopping along to the Jackson 5 from American Song as I worked alongside him. Music and movement are the best way to use up that energy from being stuck inside.

Two girls singing

More tips and tricks – Use what you have around you. Give a preschooler a pile of old magazines, safety scissors, and glue sticks, and see how long they are occupied in creating a collage. The kids will be having a blast all while practicing fine motor skills.

Have empty boxes from the pantry? Let them use tape to create a castle or farmhouse. Tell them to come up with a story about the building and who lives there. These activities will not only keep preschoolers busy and out from under foot, they will encourage creativity and imagination.

Didn’t grab enough books from the library? Don’t forget to check out our eBooks for kids on Bookflix. If you don’t have a library card, you can obtain a digital library card that is good for most of our online services. Bookflix combines picture books with nonfiction books. It’s a wonderful way to go on an adventure without leaving the couch.