Kid doing division equation using counting rods

Get Your Math Fix with TumbleMath

So we’re a few weeks into this digital world of homeschooling, have you gotten the hang of it yet? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. Trying to balance fun and education can be really hard, especially if you aren’t sure you have all the resources you need. Fortunately, we live in a world where digital learning isn’t just possible, but happening as we speak.  

Many of you may be familiar with TumbleBooks, an animated digital book library, but have you heard of TumbleMath 

TumbleMathLogo is a digital collection of math picture books, with animations, narration, quizzes, and more. It covers a variety of topics including counting, word problems, geometry, probability, and even time and temperature.  

One of the things I love about this collection is that I can read the books to my daughter or I can set her up and go do the dishes while the narrator reads the story to her. The narrator actually sounds human and the images are animated, which helps to keep her attention from wandering. I like to put out knickknacks for my daughter to count while the story runs, whether she actually counts them or not.  

Each book comes with a mini lesson plan, outlining the learning objectives, and a number of animated/narrated quizzes you can do together to help reinforce what has been learned. We’re not quite ready for quizzes in my house, but it’s nice to know they are there.  

Before the libraries closed, there was a mad dash for math books and learning resources as caregivers were preparing to homeschool their children for the first time. TumbleMath may just be the math solution you are looking for.