African woman dancing in living room at home

Stay at Home Playlist

Need something to brighten your day in the midst of the rough weeks ahead? Nothing lifts spirits quite like music.

So, we at MCPL have got just the thing, a quarantine playlist; music for you to dance to, either 6 feet away from others or by yourself, during a pandemic. Some are tongue in check, while others can be pretty spot on. It’s all for fun.

You’ll get a just over 20 second preview of each song, perfect for those in need of another tune besides “Happy Birthday” to keep hand washing time to the recommended CDC guideline of 20 seconds. Hope you enjoy! 

And if you’re looking for more great music, check out the MCPL database, Stingray Qello, the world’s largest collection of concert films and music documentaries. It is free to access, but first time users will need to register by creating a RBdigital username and password.

Stay safe, stay home and keep dancing.