Spring It Back to MCPL!

It’s the time of year to take on spring-cleaning projects, both inside and outside of the home. MCPL wants to help everyone clean up with the launch of our Spring It Back! materials return campaign.

We officially stopped charging fines for overdue library materials in January of this year. We also wiped out outstanding overdue fines, because we want our customers to feel great about using their library. So start your spring cleaning and bring those books, CDs, DVDs and other library materials you have at home back to us, with no fuss or worry about having to pay for overdue items.

It doesn’t matter when materials were checked out – last year, two years ago or twenty years ago! We’ll be happy to see them again. Plus, you’ll have room to check out more new materials you love.

Please participate in our Spring It Back! Campaign. Your home will thank you and so will we!