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MCPL Adds Brainfuse Resources VetNow, JobNow, HelpNow to E-Resources


Brainfuse JobNow connects users with experienced career coaches and resources to assist them during all stages of their job search.

Self-assessment and job search resources

Carefully selected job resources include eParachute, a Brainfuse partnership offering an online resource created by What Color is Your Parachute? author Richard Bolles. Connect with a Brainfuse JobNow coach to review efficient job search strategies.

All-in-one resume assistance

Curated resume resources, include templates, samples from a variety of career fields and levels, and valuable information about usage, structure, and relative importance. JobNow coaches provide expert analysis.

Interview preparation and practice

Brush up on interview techniques or get live online interview practice from JobNow coaches. In addition to live interview coaching, patrons enjoy 24/7 access to an extensive library of interview strategies, tips, and career resources.

Foundational and career-enhancing skills

Refresh skills and knowledge with the Adult Learning Center, where patrons can access High School Equivalency prep, US Citizenship test prep, writing lab and skills building.


Navigate the VA and benefits

Our Brainfuse VetNow navigators help veterans and their families understand and apply for the benefits they are eligible for from local, state, or federal programs. From housing and health care to education, mental health, and more, Brainfuse VetNow navigators are ready to help.

Transition to civilian employment

Veterans can get live, online assistance transitioning from military to civilian careers throughout all stages of the job process. Experts can help translate military skills for civilian job managers, restructure resumes, and practice interviewing.

Brush up on academic skills

Veterans and their families prepare for college through a full suite of academic tools, including live online tutoring in a variety of college level subjects, holistic writing support, extensive video lessons, and comprehensive practice tests.


Brainfuse HelpNow is a unique tutoring and study suite designed for patrons of all ages.

On-Demand One-to-One Online Homework Help

Students draw or type their question in our online classroom and receive live homework assistance from a
Brainfuse tutor. Tutors don’t simply give answers but help students master underlying academic

Comprehensive Writing Assistance

HelpNow offers a robust writing lab that helps users become better writers. Features include Real-Time Writing Assistance and intensive writing analysis.

Homework Tools

Homework tools include Support for Distance Learners; the SkillSurfer extensive library of Brainfuse-created lessons, video tutorials, and practice tests in a wide range of academic subjects; Flashbulb™, which offers patrons 24/7 access to an extensive library of online flashcard sets in virtually every subject; Send Question Center, an asynchronous service for users who require a detailed, extended explanation of a difficult concept but are not inclined to meet with a tutor in real time; Foreign Language Center, featuring on-demand homework help for students taking a foreign language class; CloudPack™, that helps users better integrate their classroom materials with their tutoring sessions by storing documents, class notes, and other materials in their personal “CloudPack” and share these items with tutors during a live session, and live digital literacy support to users who need assistance using their computer to complete a personal project or academic

LEAP Learning Platform

LEAP helps patrons build academic skills through targeted lessons, quizzes, and live, online tutoring. After finishing a diagnostic test, LEAP prepares a customized learning plan, broken down by skill areas, for patrons to complete at their own pace. The learning plan contains lessons, videos, and quizzes to assist patrons with specific concepts and offers easy, one-click access to a live tutor at any
point for extra help.