Living and Dying with COVID-19: the Maryland Stories

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our community, disrupting our daily lives in numerous ways. Some residents have lost family members, their jobs, their homes; others have been forced to rearrange their lives due to school closings or other factors. 

We invite members of the community to tell their stories and record how the pandemic impacted their lives, in the past, current times and projected future. The oral history digital recordings will be archived by the Maryland State Archives and Digital Maryland, a collaboration of Enoch Pratt Free Library and the Maryland State Library Resource Center, where they will serve as a historical record of the challenging times we all have faced and continue to adapt to and live with.

Residents will be able to record their experiences from February to November, 2022, at the Aspen Hill and Davis Libraries.  This project is part of a Maryland wide project funded by Maryland Humanities. Register here and set up a time to share your story.