Playaway Launchpads Available at MCPL!

The Launchpads have landed!

MCPL is excited to announce the arrival of nearly 1000 Launchpads for children. Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets designed specifically for children from preschool age through sixth grade. Because they have a simple, intuitive interface, they are easy to use. And because they do not use wi-fi or the internet, they are 100% secure and accessible for everyone. Just turn them on and they’re ready to go!

Each Launchpad is populated with carefully chosen content including educational apps, games, videos, stories, and activities for hours of learning fun. There are many different themes and topics to choose from, so let’s explore them!

Early Literacy Launchpads are loaded with stories and games especially for ages 3-7, so that emerging readers can master the foundational skills of letter and word recognition and phonics, then go on to develop solid reading comprehension.

Language Learning Launchpads provide a multi-sensory introduction to several different languages and cultures from around the globe. Children will learn new vocabulary in other languages while enjoying interactive storybooks and games centered around familiar topics.

Math Launchpads include math games and challenges. They begin with the fundamentals that kids need to start kindergarten, and continue to build on, grow, and advance through those elementary math skills.

Pre-K Academy Launchpads offer stories and learning activities covering five different paths to help children prepare for kindergarten, so they are well-rounded and ready to learn. The five paths are: language & literacy; math & science; motor & cognitive; music & creativity; and social & emotional.

Reading Academy Launchpads are structured progressively, to help children move forward with their verbal, reading, and writing skills. No matter what reading level they are starting on, children will gain the confidence and proficiency needed to move from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn.

STEAM Academy Launchpads help children become problem-solvers by asking the questions “how?” and “why?”. The various topics are designed to help kids make connections between their everyday world and science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

You can read more about the various Launchpads in the library catalog.

Launchpad collections will be housed at four MCPL branches: Long Branch, Maggie Nightingale, Marilyn Praisner, and White Oak. If you use a different branch of MCPL, you can place holds on the Launchpads you want to borrow. They’ll be transferred to your closest MCPL branch for you to pick up!

You can borrow up to five Launchpads at a time on any library card for a three-week lending period. Each comes with its own cable so you may recharge it at your convenience. They can be returned to any branch in person or in the bookdrop. If there is not a waitlist, you can renew the Launchpad a maximum of three times.

Launchpads are only available through public libraries. In addition to the benefits of the curated learning activities, using these tablets will help children learn, practice, and improve their digital literacy skills, a key component of a 21st century education.

MCPL is thrilled to bring this unique opportunity for interactive learning and play to all Montgomery County Public Libraries’ customers.