Montgomery County Public Libraries Releases New Strategic Plan

Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) has unveiled a new strategic plan effective Fiscal Year 2023 through Fiscal Year 2026. The new strategic plan defines MCPL’s core mission, values and community-centered vision for increasing equity in access and opportunity while identifying goal areas that will be the main focus over the next three years.  

MCPL will continue to provide its core services for all, while working to achieve the goals in support of the following populations in particular: 

  • Children 5 and under are ready for kindergarten. 
  • Teens are ready for college and/or the workforce, and to be lifelong users of the library. 
  • Speakers of languages other than English can participate fully in American society. 
  • Residents with limited access to technology and/or the internet can navigate a digital world to get what they need.  

To achieve these goals, we will explore launching our strategic priorities in branches located in and around Equity Focus Areas. These are parts of the County characterized by high concentrations of lower-income people of color, who may not speak English as their first language.  

“Residents in these areas targeted by the MCPL strategic plan are susceptible to systemic racial and social inequities,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “Our libraries serve each of their communities in so many ways. Right now, certain communities need extra help, and this plan puts MCPL on track to understand the needs of those communities and use its resources to make a major difference in the lives of people of all ages.” 

MCPL partnered with the Montgomery County Innovation Team to engage community members and MCPL staff in identifying and prioritizing community needs for its strategic framework. Community members and staff shared their feedback through postcards, vision boards, focus groups and an online survey. The framework of the plan reflects the needs and desires of the community. 

“Our strategic planning is an ongoing process,” said MCPL Director Anita Vassallo. “We will annually assess where we are with the plan’s actions and update it based on achievement and changing community needs.”