Manga and Anime Resources for Everyone!

Are you a fan of manga or anime?

Or are your kids or students fans? Maybe you attended the “MoComCon Meets Manga!” panel at MoComCon at Germantown Library, and want to find more resources like the ones we mentioned. To find new manga or anime, learn terminology, or just geek out, click on the resources below! We also have our own recommended graphic novel and nonfiction lists for kids, teens, and adults—just click the QR codes or links at the end of this post!

—Dyanne, Camille and Beth, MoComCon Team

Resources for reviews and other information on manga and anime

Anime and manga:

Anime Feminist  Anime and manga recommendation lists, review database, discussion, and more

Anime News Network  Anime and manga news and reviews

Book Lists for When Your School Has Anime Planet Blocked—Manga Librarian Booklists in Google Docs

Common Sense Media: Age-Based Media Reviews for Families | Common Sense Media

The Journal of Anime and Manga Studies  Anime, manga, cosplay, and fandom studies

Lines in Motion  Videos about anime and animation

Lists—Manga in Libraries  Booklists; resources for teachers, homeschoolers, and librarians; and more

Manga Bookshelf  Reviews and discussion

Manga in the Middle  Manga recommendations for middle school readers

Manga Librarian  Various manga-related resources

themangalibrarian’s Custom Lists | Anime-Planet  Manga and anime lists including age-appropriate lists

Manga Terms to Know—Manga Librarian  Demographics, genres, characteristics, fandom, and industry

Teen graphic novels, including manga:

Great Graphic Novels | Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)  Notable graphic novels

No Flying No Tights  Reviews plus age-appropriate booklists

Graphic novels in general, including manga:  

Resources and Toolkits | Round Tables  Resources for teachers, parents, and teen and adult fans

Good Comics for Kids—A School Library Journal Blog  For teachers, librarians, and parents

The Graphic Library  A blog with reviews, definitions, and other information and opinions

Queer Comics Database  Reviews of comics with queer representation, filters by audience age and more

We have our own recommended graphic novel and nonfiction lists—just scan the QR codes or click the links below!