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  • National Financial Literacy Month

    National Financial Literacy Month

    Should I rent or buy a house? Lease a new car or buy one used? Pay off debt or invest more? And what does it mean to “invest” anyway? April is National Financial Literacy Month. This month, empower yourself to answer these and other personal finance questions. MCPL has books, online resources, and programs to […]

  • Meet Collection Management

    The Collection Management Division of MCPL is where the magic happens – selecting, ordering, processing, cataloging and delivering the materials that are available for checkout in all our 21 branches. Need something that is not in our collection? Books, magazines, ebooks, eresources and more are all made available through the hard work of this division. […]

  • Decluttering – The Art of Having Less and Doing More

    Decluttering can mean many things. It can mean getting rid of things we do not want or no longer use. It can mean not buying things we simply want. It can also mean knowing what we have and having a use for everything we own. Nowadays, we have organization and decluttering guru Mari Kondo and […]