Launch Into Learning with Launchpads!


  • Pre-loaded tablets with educational apps and other curated learning activities  
  • For children preschool – 6th grade 
  • Rechargeable and do not require wi-fi or internet 
  • Help children strengthen their literacy and math skills while learning, practicing, and improving their digital literacy skills 
  • Available only through public libraries  

How to Borrow 

  • Borrow up to 5 Launchpads at a time for 3 weeks. Renewable if there is not a waiting list 
  • Reserve through the library catalog and have them sent to any branch for pick-up, or visit one of MCPL’s on-site Launchpad libraries:  Long Branch, Maggie Nightingale, Marilyn Praisner, and White Oak. 
  • Each comes with its own charging cable 

5 Categories of Launchpads to choose from: 

Pre-K Academy offers activities about shapes, colors, numbers, patterns, science, nature, music, reading, phonics, vocabulary, emotions.  Helps your child strengthen their problem solving and fine motor skills, while gaining increased confidence and independence, so they’ll be ready to start school.  Pre-K Academy Launchpads include 5 paths: 

  • Path A – Motor & Cognitive Skills 
    • Support critical thought processes 
    • Aid in fine motor skill development 
    • Explore large muscle movements through play 
    • Encourage personal care and daily routine support 
    • Build hand-eye coordination 
  • Path B – Math & Science 
    • Identify numbers and count from 1-20 
    • Learn basic shapes and colors 
    • Practice patterns, measuring and comparing 
    • Observe nature and environment 
  • Path C – Language & Literacy 
    • Build vocabulary 
    • Listen and follow instructions 
    • Identify and recite letters 
    • Develop an interest in stories 
  • Path D – Social & Emotional 
    • Organize thoughts 
    • Problem-solve through reasoning 
    • Express emotions and needs 
    • Understand cooperation 
    • Explore independence 
  • Path E – Music & Creativity 
    • Explore imagination and pretend play 
    • Interpret music through movement 
    • Learn to draw with lines and shapes 
    • Sing and express emotion creatively 

Reading Academy helps children master verbal, reading, and writing skills.  

  • Level 1: Pre-Emerging  — for readers who have reached these milestones: 
    • Forms 3 to 4 word sentences 
    • Can talk and carry on conversations 
    • Continues to grow vocabulary 
    • Connects thoughts to pictures 
    • Early letter writing 
    • Listens to stories, simple songs, and nursery rhymes 
    • Knows most letter sounds 
  • Level 2: Emerging – for readers who have reached these milestones: 
    • Asks questions to confirm understanding 
    • Knows letter sounds 
    • Identifies patterns of text with picture support 
    • Recognizes basic sight words 
    • Spells short vowel words and blends 
    • Uses drawing, dictating, and writing to compose text 
  • Level 3: Early Developing — for readers who have reached these milestones:
    • Participates in collaborative conversation 
    • Asks questions to clarify uncertainty 
    • Understands the organization of print 
    • Distinguishes long versus short vowel words 
    • Writes text with simple facts 
    • Begins to spell long vowel words with patterns 
  • Level 4: Developing – for readers who have reached these milestones: 
    • Can recount a story with descriptive detail 
    • Asks for clarification when needed 
    • Starts to decode unknown long vowel words 
    • Reads text with accuracy 
    • Writes using a topic 
    • Will spell more complex, long vowel words 
  • Level 5: Independent – for readers who have reached these milestones: 
    • Will explore ideas for discussion 
    • Engages in conversation 
    • Reads with understanding and purpose 
    • Reads and comprehends literature proficiently 
    • Constructs text in an organized manner 
    • Uses transitional and link words 

STEAM Academy Launchpads (ages ​3 and older) weave science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills and make connections to things children see every day.  The 5 modules include: 

  • Nature & Environment:  cause and effect, biology, plants, weather, geology, wildlife. 
  • Technology & Space:  mechanics, astronomy, robotics, coding, and communication. 
  • Engineering & Design:  puzzles, invention, construction, machines, architecture, curiosity. 
  • Evaluation & Calculation – quantification, statistics, association, and measurement.  
  • Creation & Sound:  art, sound, color, tempo, rhyming, and literature. 

Math Launchpads offer practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents and probability.  Other topics include word problems, money math, graphs, weights and measures, basic geometry, and telling time.  Certain Launchpads focus on the common core math curriculum for grades kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. 

Language Learning Launchpads offer your child an introduction to 10 languages:   American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Signed Spanish. Different courses for different age levels.