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  • Noyes Library for Young Children

    Noyes Library for Young Children

    The Noyes Library for Young Children is the oldest library building in the DC area, predating the Library of Congress’ Jefferson building by a few years. It is also one of about eight libraries in the United States that are dedicated exclusively to serving our youngest customers and their families.  The Noyes Library opened in…

  • WRITE!


    Your preschool child might not be able to write recognizable letters or words yet, but it’s still important (and fun!) for them to develop their pre-writing skills.  Here are some activities you can do with your child to help prepare them to be ready to write as they get older. Don’t do these all at…

  • READ!


    When you read to your children, you’re not just entertaining them. Reading aloud to your child is one of the most important things you can do to get them ready for school, and it’s never too early to start. Studies show that babies benefit from being read to even before they are born!  When you…

  • E-Resources for young children 

    E-Resources for young children 

    MCPL offers a variety of electronic resources for young children. Some are streaming resources, others are downloadable. These e-resources are available 24/7, and can be accessed through MCPL’s website with your library card.  American Song Listen to music from America’s past, including songs for and about children.   Bookflix An online literacy resource that pairs classic…

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  • How to Choose Books for Your Child

    How to Choose Books for Your Child

    Sometimes it can be hard to find the right books for your child, especially when their age, interests, and reading level change — as they should! We have a few suggestions to help: 

  • Launch Into Learning with Launchpads!

    Launch Into Learning with Launchpads!

    Launchpads  How to Borrow  5 Categories of Launchpads to choose from:  Pre-K Academy offers activities about shapes, colors, numbers, patterns, science, nature, music, reading, phonics, vocabulary, emotions.  Helps your child strengthen their problem solving and fine motor skills, while gaining increased confidence and independence, so they’ll be ready to start school.  Pre-K Academy Launchpads include…

  • TALK!  


    Talking to your baby throughout the day doesn’t just help build a bond between you and them, talking also helps your child learn language. Your child’s brain is constantly learning language, and the more you talk to them the more they have to absorb. Consistently narrating your day will help your child understand the world…

  • PLAY! 


    The best thing about play is that children learn so much about the world around them without even realizing it. Through play, children use their imagination and a simple box can be a house, a rocket ship, or even a castle! Playing also helps children learn how they can express their thoughts and feelings, in…